I got dressed up for this date with you. I’m in a coffee shop listening to Bon Iver’s ‘Flume’ on repeat because it inspires me. I’m wearing a skirt, my makeup is done and my heart is open. I’m not dressed to impress but rather in reverence, to show you that this is a special occasion- our meeting like this, in the anonymity of my laptop’s connection to your phone screen. I can’t see your face and you can’t see mine but you are valued and I pray that you feel it more with every passing word. The last time I sat in this shop to write, I wrote a letter to my son for his first birthday. I Claire Danes cried over my lavender latte as I gave into the beauty of the fact that I was ever given a son in the first place. This message to you deserves the same level of devotion.


My sister, welcome to RRC Arvada MOPS 2017-2018.


Excuse my formality because truth is I pray that MOPS becomes more comfortable for you this year than your favorite leggings and broken-in Mom spot on the couch. More than the curl of your fingers around your favorite mug when you’re infrequently granted a few moments of solitude to contemplate and drink coffee at the temperature it’s supposed to be consumed (and not as a result of the microwave.) 

Bring all you can to this table. Even as you rush-read through this under the weight of the things you feel you need to accomplish today.


Please slow. Take this time, this screen, and these words to make a small place in your heart to entertain for just a few minutes what this year with MOPS might hold for you.


My feeble human words can’t prepare you for the journey that will begin at your first email or communication with your Discussion Group Leader and table-mates. So all I’m asking is for you to open yourself to it. Make space and go into it 100% you.

This year we are setting out to discover what it means to be “Free Indeed.” It will be a year of growth, of boldly proclaiming favor, of going first and letting love be the finger and footprints we leave on the lives of our children, husbands, friends and family. But in order to profess the need for freedom, one must embrace the areas they've been held captive- the things they need freedom from. We have to talk about them. To name the finger and footprints of bondage we've left in the past and the ones that still seem to be shackling us despite our attempts to break loose.


What this will require of you is willingness. the willingness to fight for this freedom.


To cast aside your fears, self-image issues, your past hurts in friendship with women, intimidation of not knowing many women. . . or any women at MOPS, or maybe just the uncertainty of your faith.  This is the place and the time to face any inadequacies you’re battling, relational brokenness you’re experiencing or dreams you’ve been harboring. The price of growth is courage. Vulnerability is asked of you; growth awaits you. Push through the walls of your comfort zone knowing that by going first - you’ll ignite the same fire in the woman sitting across from you, the one you don't know well enough to even feel safe around yet. Then my friends. . .  get ready for God to show up. For friendships to take off, for communities to be built and for your wings to amass feathers of empowerment you never dreamed of.  With your willingness to be open to sharing your burdens and to shoulder your sister's you will be sent back into motherhood, marriage, and life with vigor and renewal. With freedom.


Are you ready to shake up the mundane this year? To charge into even the menial tasks of motherhood with the boldness to take risks in making sure love is the loudest voice?


Lets seek God, His grace and goodness as a sisterhood whose sole aim is to empower one another to be the mothers, wives and sisters we were designed to be. As I sit here with you now, still listening to ‘Flume’, I am ready. I will push through my barriers this year. I'll take risks and cast aside my comforts because I know with assurance that freedom awaits us all.