Find Your Fire

I can't believe we are here... MOPs is launching tomorrow! 

My name is Whittnay Roberts and I am the Coordinator of Lakewood MOPs. This is our first year as a group and I couldn't be more excited! I have personally been apart of MOPs as an attendee for the past three years and last year had the privilege of helping launch Evening MOPs at the Littleton Campus alongside two dear friends. To say that this ministry serves an incredible purpose in the lives of mommas is an understatement!

Last winter while picking up my oldest son from kid's church, I waited for what felt like forever at the 4’s room before it was my turn to sign him out. Wow, what an awesome problem to have as a growing church... but I couldn't help but think there were mommas dropping off and picking up their kiddos who felt unseen, unknown and lonely and just needed some solid community around them and the love of Christ consistently spoken over them. It was so strong on my heart because I was one of those mommas years ago! 

After having my oldest son, I struggled with finding mom community. Different than your non-kid friends, I needed women around me who were in the throws of parenthood that could relate with the biggest life change of all.. raising a human, all while trying to still be a good wife, an employee, a business owner and a sane person, ha! MOPs has and continues to meet that need in my life. It's added so much joy and freedom to my own personal life, why would I not want to share that with other women?

Thus, Lakewood MOPs is born!

I'm so excited, I can hardly wait! Let's catch fire together this year, yeah?  Surrender Daringly, boldly letting go as we face new challenges, new phases and new opportunities in our lives. Breathe Freely and be vulnerable with our MOPS friends, knowing and allowing ourselves to be loved just as we are. And Live Expectantly, because when we choose to focus on what can go right, we encourage other moms to do the same. 

And lastly, know that you belong here. There is no situation, marital status, income level, political affiliation, background or belief system that disqualifies you from belonging to our community of moms. Your thoughts, ideas and experiences are valued and you have a seat at the table with our group. 

Thank you for allowing me to join you on your journey to fan your flame in motherhood.

This is YOUR year to Find Your Fire. I can't wait to meet you!

Love, Whittnay

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