Inspiration For The Season

Hi Ladies! I hope this season is meeting you with lots of love, warmth, hot chocolate or if you are like me a Spiced Flat White in a festive red cup (YUM!), joy in the reason we celebrate, and rest (laughing hysterically while typing because I know you are all likely in the same boat… better yet…sleigh as me, rushing around trying to do it all to make the season perfect)!

Can I just get real and vulnerable for a minute… these past few weeks have been absolutely crazy and exhausting. I have really struggled to find the motivation and inspiration to write this piece. Is that not ironic… I am writing a piece about drawing inspiration… Between my highly variable work schedule, my 9-month old being sick for the past four weeks with three different illnesses, super tight finances, and loads of travel to see family, I have really struggled to keep everything tied up in a neat red bow.

I mean as I write this my sweet girl is pulling out every piece of clean folded laundry on to the floor (if I get laundry put away it is a high five worthy celebration!) … Hey, whatever occupies her while I get this on paper, right!? Anyway, God has really been working on my heart this season. I am really starting to feel like I am in the thick of it and the only respite I find is in the Lord. I try and try to strong arm my way through these situations and I am left feeling helpless; conversely when I get in the Word, then down on my knees and surrender, everything seems to fall in to place. If that’s not inspiring then nothing is.

Preparing to write this piece I re-read Chapter 9 in our Becoming Starry Eyed devotional and BAM! inspiration struck (luckily right in time, today is the deadline for turning it in lol!). I was fighting back tears to get through it. Amazing how I chose this chapter months ago, it spoke to me then, but was EXACTLY what I needed to read in this moment of motherhood. Thank you for your timing Lord! The author writes alluringly about the connection between mother and child. While I am feeling like a letdown in nearly every facet of my life, this segment reminded me that God has created this relationship divinely. 

The chapter outlines an excerpt from a Mommypotamus blog  <-- (TOTALLY worth the read) and reassures me that my baby and I have a sacred connection that was designed by the Lord. He knit her together in my womb and He chose me to be her mama, ME! Hazel knows me on a cellular level, she synchronizes her heart beat to mine when I am present, her cells are in me and have the ability to heal me, and my voice alone comforts her. Powerful, right!? I mean she is not going to remember the things I am doing today that my human brain labels as failure, her love is pure and present because I am her mama. This just puts it all into perspective for me. I recall a beautiful sentiment that one of you lovely mamas shared at the beginning of the MOPS season; it has become my life mantra. If my girl grows up to love Jesus, then I have succeeded. Period. Hands down the best thing I know. This takes the pressure off, demolishes my negativity, and dissolves my self-directed mom shaming.

This realization has also inspired me to reflect on my relationship with Jesus. He also knows me intimately, better than I know myself. He also knit me together in my mother’s womb, He knew my name before I was even a twinkle in my mother’s eye, He knows my life from beginning to end. It makes me realize how special parenthood is and gives us some insight into the heart of God our father.

Our relationship with God gives us the same, scratch that even more, comfort than we give our babies. We are so loved! When we let the Holy Spirt in He becomes part of our DNA, the source of our strength and courage. When we synchronize our hearts to His will we walk in peace, joy, and assurance.  Jesus has the power to heal every ailment on a cellular level; we speak His healing power over our lives, believe it, and wait expectantly for the Lord to move. We can find serenity and contentment in His promises when we are in the Word. It is amazing to me that Jesus came to this world as an innocent baby to die for our sins. He shared the mother-child bond with Mary. Even more amazing is that He is the ultimate Father. He sacrificed it all of us, loves us unconditionally, allows us to make our mistakes, desires a close relationship with us, and He will never leave us. Best part is all we have to do is say “yes” to that relationship! Praise the Lord!

My prayer for you this season: “Heavenly Father, thank you for these sweet mamas. They inspire me, comfort me, and encourage me. I pray that their holiday season be filed with joy and peace in the hope that you gave us by sending Your son to atone for our sin. May we be inspired by those around us but mostly Lord by You and the way You move in our lives. Father we invite You to do Your will in our hearts. Prepare our hearts to remember and give thanks for Your ultimate gift this Christmas. Lord thank you for being our Father. May you slow our busyness, comfort our hearts, heal our ailments, assure us of your promises, give us confidence in our God given gifts, and finally give us courage to life our lives for You alone. We love you Father! In your precious name we pray, Amen.”

Thank you mamas for taking time to read my words. I hope that you have found something that inspires you or that you can relate to. You are so special and loved.

Adriane is a wife, mother, and part-time speech-language pathologist. She lives in Littleton, CO with her husband, infant daughter Hazel, and two crazy rescue dogs, Lucy and Solerno. Adriane a 5th generation Coloradoan from the Western Slope. She enjoys spending time with her large extended family, eating (vegetarian), and playing outside! This is Adriane’s first year in MOPS and she cannot wait to get to know more Christ-following mamas!